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" Clash City Rockers " is a song and single by The Clash. First released in February 1978 with the b-side "Jail Guitar Doors," a re-worked version of a song from Joe ...

The band's early gigs included several at the Windsor Castle and a residency at the Elgin . [3] They were supported by the Sex Pistols at the Nashville Room on 3 April 1976; this is when Strummer claimed he saw the light and got involved in the punk scene. [1] Joe Strummer commented on this event in the Don Letts documentary Westway to the World on the end of the 101ers by saying "5 seconds into their (the Pistols') first song, I knew we were like yesterday's paper, we were over." [1]

The Clash's first overt attempt at self-mythology, "Clash City Rockers" is, by and large, a song about positivity and moving forward, and revisits themes common in Clash songs of the era, specifically dead-end employment and having a purpose in life. The middle part of the song is based on an old nursery rhyme, " Oranges and Lemons ", and namechecks The Move , The Groove , David Bowie , Gary Glitter and Prince Far-I ; the irony of the line " when I am fitter say the bells of Gary Glitter " following his scandal was not lost on Mick Jones, who joked about it in December 2003 of Uncut magazine :

101'ers, The* 101ers - Keys To Your Heart (Version)101'ers, The* 101ers - Keys To Your Heart (Version)101'ers, The* 101ers - Keys To Your Heart (Version)101'ers, The* 101ers - Keys To Your Heart (Version)


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