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Thats the way, the real hustlers play
Thats the way, the real hustlers play
Thats the way, a real hustler plays
Thats the way, the real hustlers play

Im a treal ass hustler, a for real ass hustler
That made it create it not to be imatated by you trick ass busters
Straight hustling for them greens
Layed back in the Lac and the pistol lean
Some lable me a money making machine
Because I be on the block twenty four -seven, serving fiends
Ain't hard to get your flow on nigga
Ain't hard to get your dope on nigga
Got my mind on bigger figure my finger wraped around the trigger
Wanna be a dead ass nigga
So you know I got to ball and stay high
Stay crunk full of (?) till I die
Flip the script on a bitch when I click in my ride
Mo money about to ride when I fly
Cause a hustler got his mind on dollar signs
They got (???) ,we ain't hard to find
Partners in crime, never relieng
I put fate in a buster, and nigga behind a grind
No dollars no sense don't make weight
Im moving hay by the way who got the eight
I been making a muther fucking million
Im out here dealing
Now you know a baller dont play
Cause we some real ass hustlers


Lets get this shit straight from the jump who we be
Lets get this shit straight off the top P-N-C
Is who we be
We be the same nigga that will buck you
Don't love you
Can't trust you
So nigga muther fuck you
Be quick to buck you
Like that dope we'll duck you
Worn out woday no cousin
Im huffing and puffing still got that street sweeper busting
Bullets stay rushing
Straight out that N-O hustling
Memphis to New Orleans
Got them niggas still struggling, this world is crazy
Got a nigga straight disgusted, fuck it
Kicking up dust in a bucket, you niggas lucky
I'll run you back to Kentucky
Talking about we country
Now watch these niggas start dumping


Im a real ass hustler, a treal ass hustler
Never duplicated fuck you player hating busters
Thats why I hang and swang
With my click on the southside
We got plenty money plus we all got them fresh rides
Creeping through the hood in my candy painted old school
Seven deuce Cutless choped up on them gold shoes
Pulled up in the park in the pearl green drop top
Made a right, turn, hit the switches made that ass drop
Front back, side to side
Three wheel motion, on my ride
Booming ass system
Make the bitches want to get inside
And take a ride with the mo money mobsters
Sipping on Don eating steak,and lobsters


Well I was told if you fake it break it
Well these niggas all about the cake
Moving nothing but heavy weight
In and out of state
Representing from New Orleans and niggas love weight
(?) love making the green
Its all about the cream
Rolling in suburbans with the windows heavily tinted
Seeing nothing but lights, cause the tv's in it
When we ain't hot, when we catch your block
How do you love the way the twenty inch rim chops
And we keep the drop on top
These niggas is dangerous
Now why you niggas want to fuck with us
Now watch me lay you in the dust
When I let this shit clack, bust
In god I trust, you mother fuckers want to play around
Now you got to lay it down
And im going to let you know
Up on my face, do you still see a frown
Everybody better give a round, because
(real ass hustlers got to make they ends meet)
Thats why I got to stack my ends
So I can stay up on my feet
Can't let a bitch nigga kill me
Can't let a bitch nigga steal me
Got to make a bitch nigga feel me
Hit them in the back with the nine milli, milli on the realy

(until end)

Gotta Boyz - Real HustlersGotta Boyz - Real HustlersGotta Boyz - Real HustlersGotta Boyz - Real Hustlers

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