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Edwards is linked to six corporations that have donated a total of $436,227 in campaign contributions to the . Liberal Party since 2005, including $153,480 from oil company Canadian Natural Resources , which he chairs, as well as $131,390 from Imperial Metals, where he is the controlling shareholder and which owns the Mount Polley gold mine in British Columbia, amongst others. [8] In 2013, he helped organize a $1-million fundraiser in Calgary for . Premier Christy Clark ’s re-election bid. [8]

Since time has passed and the police has some time on their hands awaiting the Serbs to arrive, perhaps some time can be spent investigating the local ‘businessmen’ up stream involved and where the money came from to pay for all this.

“The expectation is we’ve gotta have a successful training camp and then make sure that, coming out of camp, we’re doing the right things to be successful,” Ferguson said. “Ultimately, we want to win a championship, but to me, we’ll work backwards, and you can’t do that without starting Day 1 the right way.”

“It just didn’t seem like we had much enthusiasm and any energy throughout most of the game, obviously coming off three (games) in three nights,” Ferguson said. “Everybody deals with these, and it’s part of what we do. That was a little bit disappointing.

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Jubilee was depowered due to the events of "M-Day" . Shortly afterwards, she was interviewed by Sally Floyd as part of her Ex Mutant Diary series. She then got a job working at a half-way house of sorts for fellow depowered mutants. While at her stay working at the clinic, Wolverine bumped into her. In a matter of seconds, Omega Red broke into the facility and took Jubilee as a hostage. She was gravely wounded when the building she was held in exploded, as a steel beam fell into her abdomen. Without hesitation, Logan surrendered himself over to . custody as a bargain with them to save her life.

Allan P. Markin is Chairman of Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), an oil and natural gas exploration, development and production company. He worked with Amoco Canada, Merland Explorations, and served as president of Poco Petroleum. In 1993, he received a Pinnacle Award of Business Excellence in Alberta, and an Oilweek Producer of the Year Award. He has been distinguished for several years by the Wall Street Journal Gold Awards for Outstanding Achievement–Canadian Oil Producers. The Mayor of the City of Calgary bestowed him with the Citizen of the Year Award in 2004.

Hitmen, The - Energy Is YouHitmen, The - Energy Is YouHitmen, The - Energy Is YouHitmen, The - Energy Is You


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