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In 2007, she released the best album tamuranaomi AKA sho-ta sho-ta AKA tamuranaomi to celebrate her 20 years in music. She also headed an anniversary tour, "LIVE A GO GO! 008 sho-ta tamuranaomi tamuranaomi sho-ta ~20th Anniversary special~", on the same day of the release of her best album. Two years later, Tamura would make her first American appearance at Otakon 2009 .

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Hearing a song in an anime show is often how overseas people first encounter Japanese music. Why do you think Japanese anime and manga publications have achieved such a universal appeal?

田村直美 (or Naomi Tamura) is a j-pop singer who sings the first opening theme of the anime series Get Backers : Love that Never Wavers ( Yuragu Kotonai Ai or 揺らぐことない愛 ). She also sang the first and third opening themes of the anime series Magic Knight Rayearth : Yuzurenai Negai or ゆずれない願い Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta Mama or 光と影を抱きしめたまま She also was the lead Vocal of Pearl, J-Rock band with a prolific discography (at least 8 Cd`s). The last Cd`s… read more

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